4/19/2012 09:50:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Drunken Raclette Grilled Cheese at Artisanal

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of acting as a judge at a grilled cheese cook-off. Chef Terrance Brennan hosted the second annual grilled cheese cook-off at his Artisanal, where six finalists were in the house to present their sandwiches (they were chosen from a group of over 100 recipe submissions). The top 'wich will be featured on the menu starting today, so you can gorge on winner Lizz Spano's Drunken Raclette Grilled Cheese if you want to drop by (it's no wonder that she won, she has a whole grilled cheese-related Twitter account).

The offering was our clear favorite in the contest (we estimate it will  take 14.7 hours on the treadmill to work off all the submissions we ate). It's the grilled cheese version of a traditional raclette presentation - stuffed with gooey fromage, smashed red potato and cornichons. The best part of the sandwich was the caramelized onions. They're cooked in whiskey and gave the sandwich its tipsy moniker. The whole thing is served with a side of dijon mustard for dipping - drool.

Speaking of tipsy, more than one judge (including yours truly) remarked that this dish just begs to be eaten when you have a hangover. Next time we've had a little too much the night before, we'll definitely be stopping by.

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