4/24/2012 11:59:00 AM

Are You Comfortable Dining Alone?

Image via Flickr/Ed Yourdon
Do women feel less comfortable dining alone than men? A new site called Invite For a Bite allows female business travelers to meet up all over the U.S. and around the world to avoid dining alone. (Is this really a thing?) Personally we've always felt a bit uncomfortable dining alone but mostly out of boredom, and as former servers, let us just relay that we never judged a diner (male or female) for eating a meal alone. In fact, we never even gave it a second thought. So if you're reticent to dine alone because you think the staff judging you - fear not. Have you ever pretended to be on your cell phone because you were embarrassed to be eating alone? Let us know in the comments, and read the rest of the story here.


  1. I LOVE dining alone. Prefer it even. I can order what I want and don't have to share. Can pair my courses per glass if I want without having to find a bottle that covers both of our entrees.

  2. Eating alone would be much easier if the business men acted professional. Most are creepy and out to score.

  3. Women, come to the two eateries on 6 avenue between bleecker and Houston streets, nyc, friendly, good food, and service, scaffold tactics by rival, famous Brooklyn steakhouse, and yellow and black striped poles, should not deter you from having fun.