4/11/2012 10:00:00 AM

April Bloomfield's "A Girl and Her Pig" Now on Shelves

We previewed chef April Bloomfield's cookbook, A Girl and Her Pig, a few months back and today you can finally run out and snag yourself a copy. We chatted briefly with The Spotted Pig/Breslin/John Dory toque herself to get the lowdown on the writing process, the recipes and how she feels about the animal lovers who took issue with its piggy front cover. Check it out below.

Tell us a little about your new cookbook, do the recipes inside come mostly from your restaurants or from elsewhere? 
It’s a mixture really. Some of the recipes are classic dishes from the restaurants, like the gnudi from The Spotted Pig, and others are dishes I love to make, like the roasted chicken.

What are your favorite cookbooks? Did any of those inspire anything about A Girl and Her Pig
I really like “Roasted Chicken and Other Stories” by Simon Hopkinson, and “Honey From a Weed” by Patience Gray. I love cookbooks with extra personal touches.

I know there were a few people that commented that they were offended by your book cover - were you surprised by that? 
I was a little surprised just because cooking with whole animals and knowing where your food comes from is just natural to me. I’ve been doing it for many years. People should know where their food comes from and what their food looks like.  

How involved was JJ in co-authoring Girl and Her Pig? 
JJ was with me through the entire process, which took about a year. We wrote the recipes, tested them and retested them together.

Any other new projects in the works, besides the new Bleecker Street eatery?
I have a couple of ideas floating around but nothing I want to disclose just yet.


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