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5 Places to Celebrate National Eggs Benedict Day

The Original, Credit: Niall Kennedy
Monday, April 16, is National Eggs Benedict day. Which, of course, makes no sense whatsoever - for nearly all the eggs Benedict variations (and there are many) are consumed on the weekend, as part of the ritual of Sunday brunch. It does much to heal a weekend of sins, and it tastes good too, so in order to celebrate the day, read on for some of our favorites.

Napa Valley Grille: Sunday brunch at this Westwood Village Californian features four eggs Benedict preps on the menu: a vegetable version with portobello mushrooms, sautéed spinach, poached egg and roasted tomato hollandaise ($4.75); a buttermilk pancake one made with buttermilk silver dollar pancakes, maple sausage, poached egg and hollandaise ($4.25); a smoked salmon Benedict on an English muffin with goat cheese, poached egg and roasted tomato hollandaise ($5.75); and a $5.50 muffaletta Benedict on griddled focaccia bread with sopressata salami, olive relish, poached egg and hollandaise (310-824-3322).

Ray's and Stark Bar: What they offer daily at this Mediterranean at LACMA is a Benedict burger, sandwiched between housemade brioche, topped with gruyere, watercress, red onion confit, an egg and (instead of hollandaise) béarnaise, with gaufrette potatoes on the side ($17) - an artistically created Benedict that matches the setting (323-857-6180).

Petrossian Paris: You should, of course, not be surprised to find that there's caviar on the eggs Benedict at this global fish egg emporium, though there are options for those on a budget. The basic eggs Benedict - on an English muffin with Black Forest ham, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce - goes for $16. Add smoked salmon, and it goes up to $20. Add smoked salmon and caviar, and the cost rises to $28. Or forget the eggs Benedict altogether, and go for the caviar breakfast of 30 grams of roe, with scrambled eggs and toast points for $59. In for a penny, in for a pound (310-271-0576).

BLD: Chef Neal Fraser's Beverly Boulevard American is a virtual theme park of eggs Benedict variations: there's a classic one made with Canadian bacon, a housemade English muffin, hollandaise and a choice of potatoes ($14), a vegan Benedict of house smoked tofu bacon, veggie patty, wilted arugula and vegan hollandaise ($13); an Ode To Butterfield's variety made with sliced flatiron steak, poached eggs and cabernet sauvignon hollandaise on an English muffin ($16)...the list continues - all of which are served seven days a week (323-930-9744).

Square One Dining: The daily breakfast menu at this Eastside American is an English muffin-free zone, with three types - smoked Canadian bacon and baby spinach with poached eggs are served on a Tuscan roll ($13.50); portabello mushrooms, frisee and feta are also on a Tuscan roll ($13.50); and house cured salmon with wilted frisee is on a potato pancake ($14.25), otherwise known as a Jewish Benedict? (323-661-1109).


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