4/17/2012 01:56:00 PM

5 Best Spots for Crawfish in DC

Slurping spicy, boiled crawfish is a messy eating experience best done in dress-down surroundings or outdoors. Folks who hail from Louisiana or Texas know the drill. Pick up a 'mudbug,' pull off the head and suck out the succulent meat. Take a swig of beer or iced tea - repeat. Here are some local spots where you can give this hands-on fun a try.


  1. Olga - you suck so much as a journalist that it is incomprehensible that you would yet AGAIN talk about DC as if it is Northern Virginia. From your name I gather you are not from here. PLEASE don't say DC's best...

  2. Ok, so she meant DC "metro". Does it really matter that much to you? Fine post Olga. Looking forward to checking these places out.

  3. Don't try Hot and Juicy. It's terrible.

  4. Hot & Juicy is good for crawdads, its the sides that are 'meh' and it still beats some of the lackluster spices at Acadiana's kitschy bake.

  5. While she may have meant DC metro, she never said "DC Metro" or "DC Region". Just like Bourdain's "DC" visit. He spent half his episode in NoVa. Not like any of his NYC epsidoes included Teaneck. Have some civic pride, why don't you?

    Not remotely the same culture or location. To defend that is mighty weak...

    People live in Arlington and Wheaton for reasons!

    "meant DC Metro" - C'mon. That's like the BBC's foreign correspondent referring to Canada as the US!