3/05/2012 09:29:00 AM

What Is The Most Beautiful Restaurant in New York?

Is Asiate the most stunning restaurant in New York? 
When it comes to dining out, the decor is almost as important as what's on your plate. New York City has some of the world's most beautiful restaurants - from dimly lit dens below 14th Street to the sprawling temples of fine dining in Midtown, but which is the most striking? According to our 2012 New York City Restaurants guide, the Big Apple's best decor can be found at Asiate, the restaurant located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Columbus Circle. The eatery scored a 28 in the Decor category, beating out other high-end eateries like Daniel and Per Se - surely those views of Central Park helped push this place over the top.

What do you think - is this legitimately the prettiest place to eat, or do you know of a spot that's even more beautiful? Now's your chance to let us know - our New York City Restaurants Survey is currently live, and you can log on here to vote for your favorite eateries. Asiate may have a prime perch above the park, but there's no guarantee that will land on the top of our list when the next Survey results are released.


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