3/07/2012 10:35:00 AM

Trisha Yearwood Gets Food Network Show; Paula Deen's Lawyers Respond to Allegations of Racism

Two pieces of Food Network-related coming down the wire this AM. First off, country singer (and apparent cookbook author) Trisha Yearwood is getting her own show on the network, premiering April 14. Trisha's Southern Kitchen will feature the country star preparing family recipes, telling stories and entertaining visits from family and friends. Well, between this new program, Pioneer Woman and Paula Deen's various shows, looks like Food Network's got that red state demographic covered!

Speaking of Paula Deen, recent news of a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment and racism have made major headlines, and today Deen's lawyers have responded to the racist accusations made by former worker Lisa Jackson. They have stated: [Lisa Jackson] "makes false allegations against Paula Deen and they will be proven false in court. She has made baseless, inflammatory allegations, threatening to go to the press and ruin Paula Deen's reputation and the reputation of her businesses unless we paid her a large sum of money. We refused to bow to that kind of pressure and refused to pay money to address false claims." According to Ms. Jackson, she was sexual harassed by Deen's brother, Bubba Hiers, and suffered panic attacks routinely as a result. Yikes. [via HuffPo/AP]


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