3/02/2012 03:06:00 PM

Susan Feniger Rolls Out New Menu at Street

As of today (March 2), there's a raft of new, multinational dishes on the menu at Hot Tamale Susan Feniger's Street. Joining a menu section headed "Classic Street" (kaya toast with coconut jam; paan puri semolina puffs with spiced potato), there are fresh selections under headings like "Izakaya + Asian Pub Food," "Pizza of the Day," "Meatballs + Fritters" and "Korean BBQ." Newbies include mung bean pancakes with scallions, kimchi, and shiitake mushrooms; pea shoots and pork belly with mustard oil; West Sumatra beef curry with sweet sambal; Thai chicken satay meatballs with peanut sauce; and Syrian lamb meatballs with carob date molasses. And who could resist the Korean short ribs with pear kimchi? Prices range from $5 to $12 (served till 10 PM weekdays and 11 PM weekends; 323-203-0500).


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