3/16/2012 09:18:00 AM

Supper Club Recreates Titanic's Last Meal, Sans Kate and Leo

Here's one for those that are into morbid historical dinner parties. A pop-up restaurant operator in NYC is giving guests a chance to experience the last meal that was had on the Titanic, without the pesky business of hitting an iceberg/listening to schmaltzy Celine Dion songs. The party, dubbed 41°North, 49°West in honor of the longitude and latitude of the unsinkable ship's last location, will feature seven courses paired with wine. The menu is based off of the original 11 course meal served on the ship's final day (we didn't realize they had epic tasting menus back in 1912).

There will also be a cocktail hour featuring classic libations - if you want to book at ticket on this journey you can check out dinetitanic.com. The prices are a bit on the high side though - with "first class" costing $300 a head and "VIP elite class" running $450. The meal is on April 14, which is 100th anniversary of the ships sinking. Although this one is on dry land, you still may want to bring a life preserver, just in case.


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