3/12/2012 02:56:00 PM

Saudi Billionaire Buys $60,000 Bottle of Champagne at The Tippler

Today we looked at the country's most expensive dishes, but buying them is like spending pennies compared to this: Chelsea cocktail lounge The Tippler isn't usually about models and bottles, but this Saturday night, it had at least one of the two goin' on. Apparently, an unidentified Saudi billionaire was in the house, and he ordered a bottle of Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades for a whopping $60,000. Clearly that's the most expensive bottle that the Tippler has ever sold, and it's no joke - it took three people to lift and pour it - that's beverage director Tad Carducci taking the cork out.

Apparently, $60K is nothing for the guy who placed the order, he reportedly holds the record for the most expensive bottle of champagne ever ordered. Though unconfirmed, we're thinking it's this dude who dropped $195K on a bottle of Armand in London. Hey, we guess if you have it, you should spend it, right? Actually, we'd probably buy something that we could reuse if we had $60 grand like, say, gold.....


  1. These are three targeted circles in-focus to be besieged in the Firing-Zone (Saudi, Billionaire and Champagne).
    Western regimes in fact by this they aim to impose threat & terror (Simulate terrorism and rather commit terrorism under third parties' flag) on their nations, imprison these nations in the regimes' back-yards to fuel wars and fund these wars as tax-payers, in order to run the Billionaires' wheel of Fortune...nothing else.
    This is the price of cold war for the interest of War Manufacturers. Every thing else is considered subject to the input into this devious culture. Nations are treated as herds, cows to milk, Oxen to die in the show ..etc, may remain HERDS unless they take the lead and wave out these ruling races of business and warmongers.

    1. Agree 100%,
      DIVIDE-TO-MASTER, this is the bottom rock weapon of these ruling Basters in the WEST. They are dividing Americans (North & South), America Vs. Europe' New World and old continent, Europe (West & East), Westerns and Arabs, Religions, races .... even Families.
      Greens, Nazests, socialists,Fundamentals, Liberals, Conservatives, even Labors and Business Owners .... etc etc etc.