3/13/2012 04:46:00 PM

Ramsay Readies the Fat Cow for Beverly Hills

Until now, Gordon Ramsay's presence in Southern California has been limited to his eponymous restaurant at the London West Hollywood, along with the soundstage in Culver City where he films his Hell's Kitchen culinary competition - and a number of restaurants that have been redone on his Kitchen Nightmares show (some of which actually survived the experience; some of which didn't). But come this summer, Gordo will find a far higher restaurant presence in the hugely popular shopping mall called The Grove (adjacent to the Original Farmer's Market), where he'll be opening The Fat Cow in the space that used to be home to a branch of The Farm of Beverly Hills.

A press release describes it as "European inspired," "family inspired" and "daily inspired" - which seems to mean roast meats, cured meats, local cheeses and "classic American home desserts with a British pub flare." Will Gordo actually be there? File that under "wait and see" - the guy's pretty busy, having recently added Bread Street Kitchen in London to his growing portfolio of restaurants, and announced the opening later this year of Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.

He's also expanded his TV commitment - along with Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen, he's got MasterChef and a show in the works called Hotel Hell. And in Britain, he also hosts Ramsay's Best Restaurants and Gordon's Great Escapes. To say nothing of occasionally dropping in on his wife and four children, and his two bulldogs, Rumpole and Romeo. Expect The Fat Cow to be run by his Gordon Ramsay Holdings Corporate executive chef Andi Van Willigan - who's also Gordo's sous-chef on TV. In other words, she's heard it all.


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