3/09/2012 05:06:00 PM

Quote of the Day: NY Chef/Doughslinger Jim Lahey on the Reality of Being a Chef

Image via Serious Eats

"The reality of the kitchen is that the hours suck, the work is brutal and physical, and your supervisor is never going to be happy with you. To be good, you have to practice perfectly and be extremely disciplined. That does not mean going to school, I get so many kids who went to CIA, ICE, FCI, and they don't last because they don't want to work physically. You have to be willing to make a lot of sacrifices."

-Jim Lahey of NY's Co. pizzeria gives advice to aspiring chefs. [FiTR]

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  1. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa....

    Who can understand the love of autolyse...

    The smells, the thumps, the goony goo goos and the freaking ahhhhhhhhhhh's....?

    I can and I am a freaking saucier, I just broadened my world after 20 plus years in this life to not only appreciate "the other side" but to understand the math, science and the psychosis that one must possess to have a shower installed in his office that doubles as a proof box so we can be back up in time to make sure that we don't overproof or that our poolishes/bigas turn out perfectly (plus it is good to at least take a shower if you aren't going to go home...LOL)

    Take care of little things and big things don't happen...

    Chef Michael