3/28/2012 04:04:00 PM

Parm Lets You Bring A Little Piece Home

Retro lunch-counter/Italian hot spot Parm has long offered its menu of red-sauce fare to-go, a fact that has pleased many hungry folks who didn't want to wait around for one of the coveted stools in this small joint. Well, now you can take your dessert with you too. The eatery is offering their buzzed-about ice-cream cakes for takeout, guests can pre-order a full sized cake (slices are available in the restaurant), which feeds 25 people. The restaurant has also started selling its signature red t-shirts worn by the staff, which read "the lifestyle" on the back. If you're going to live the Parm lifestyle and constantly stuff your face with their grub, you probably should order a size larger than you usually do. Just sayin'...


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