3/01/2012 10:42:00 AM

Neta First Look: A New Japanese Small Plates In the Village From Two Former Masa Chefs

We got a sneak peek into the forthcoming small plates Japanese eatery Neta on Tuesday, which will open sometime next week on W. 8th Street. Two former Masa chefs, Jimmy Lau and Nick Kim, are the brains and talent behind the operation, and are planning a menu with a focus on high-quality ingredients. (Neta translates to "the fresh ingredients for sushi" in Japanese.)

The 42-seat space features an open kitchen and a large 12-seat counter for diners to scope out the incredible knife skills of Neta's chefs. (Take it from us - you've gotta see this.) The menu will feature a daily omakase, an assortment of small plates as well as a full traditional sushi menu. Items include a tuna sashimi salad with hand-julienned daikon, razor clam risotto with soy-braised veal and Chinese celery and dungeness crab sunomoto, just to name a few.

While the exact opening date is not yet confirmed, the doors will most likely be unlocked some time next week. Stay tuned for a full video tour of the space on Monday (61 W. 8th Street; 212-505-2610).


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