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Mexican Week Controversies: Is Double-Dipping Gross?

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Double-dipping: the controversial topic has been debated everywhere from the NY Times to Seinfeld, and while scientific research has confirmed that double dipping does in fact transfer germs from dipper to dipper, is it really all that big of a deal? Being that it's Mexican Food Week, two Zagat Editors decided to hash out both sides of the issue. Whose side are you on?

James: So, it's Mexican Food Week, and that guacamole piece got me thinking: double dipping - acceptable or not? Personally, I'm not a germa-phobe, but I think it's gross.

Kelly: Honestly everyone does it, but when asked, everyone will tell you that it's not acceptable. It's a double dipping hypocrisy. Personally I just accept the fact that whenever I'm dipping from a communal dip bowl, that the germs from countless others may very well be going into my mouth.

James: Well, it's especially gross if you don't know the other dippers. And I mean it's one thing if you're standing there by yourself at a bowl at a party, but to go out to a Mexican restaurant and just sloppily dive in is definitely a pet peeve of mine. At least ask the table first if it's OK!

Kelly: I mean, if you're not comfortable sharing germs with your dining companions, you shouldn't go out.

James: Also - double dipping leads to all those little broken crumbs in the dip, which then leads to people sticking their fingers in to retrieve them. Well, when you try a sip of someone's drink - do you sip from the same straw? I bet not.

Kelly: Hmm, sounds like what happens every time I'm out with you. I think the broken chips are just the result of being a messy eater. Ahem. I've also given my friends a sip of my drink to try without a second thought, unless they are visibly ill. I don't really care if they use my straw.

James: Messy eating is one thing, basically licking the food that other people are going to eat is another. Maybe we should just start letting dogs in restaurants.

Kelly: Um, we already have James! Have you read my piece on the Most Annoying Restaurant Trends?

James: I also let my friends sip my drink - but they usually use their own straw or sip from the glass to at least keep the illusion of cleanliness.

Kelly: If you really knew how many germs were already in your food from the people who prepared it, you would never go out to eat. You still have to live your life, double dipping is a reality. Accept it.

James: There's something to be said for willful denial.


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