3/02/2012 05:02:00 PM

Ludlow Manor Reopens as DL After Liquor License Snafu

A couple weeks ago, LES hot-spot Ludlow Manor was closed down by the authorities after they found that the establishment wasn't operating as a restaurant as its liquor license required. The State Liquor Authority also took issue with the fact that the establishment was running a lounge on the second floor of the building - which it was not allowed to do (read the details on Eater). Well, the restaurant has offered an explanation of the situation, claiming that the "excitement surrounding the opening" caused all the problems and that they are seeking to rectify the situation. We love it when people plead "excitement."

To set things right, a genuine eatery has been launched in the first floor of the space, take a look at the menu below. The folks behind the operation also let us know that Luc Carl isn't involved in the establishment anymore. A former boyfriend of Lady Gaga and nightlife scene maven, it seems that many of the problems could be attributed to him. The restaurant promises more positive changes in the future, so stay tuned (212-228-0909).


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