3/13/2012 10:42:00 AM

Leyla Coming to the West Village, Hell's Kitchen Runner-Up At Waldorf-Astoria

Eighty Four / Leyla
There's been a lot of restaurant turnover on the southern reaches of Seventh Avenue, and now we have word that the space housing Eighty Four will transform into Leyla on Monday, March 26. The new concept will feature cuisine from Jared Braithwaite, who makes his way here after working in the kitchen of Public. The New American offerings will include dishes like crispy sweetbreads with a warm bacon vinaigrette and a soft-poached egg while mains will include a lobster risotto with leeks and parmesan. The eatery will open for dinner first and brunch will be rolled out on Easter sunday (84 Seventh Ave. S).

When you think about Gordon Ramsay screaming at the budding chefs on his Fox Reality show, Hell's Kitchen, you probably don't think of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, but that's just where the runner-up from the most recent season has been promoted to executive chef. Before landing on the show (and on Chopped), Will Lustberg worked as the saucier at steakhouse Bull & Bear and now he will oversee the carnivorous menu. Hopefully he won't follow in Gordo's footsteps and take to throwing things around - it's really not that type of place.

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  1. I thought Eighty Four was good, though strange for the spot. Hope Leyla is good! I want to try it.