3/15/2012 04:58:00 PM

Landbrot Bakery and Bar Opening April First

It's been a long journey for Landbrot, German bakery and bar that was originally slated to open last fall and then pushed back to early this year. Well, after another delay when 2012 rolled around, we have word that the space (whose name means "country bread," in case you were wondering) will open on April 1. And this opening is a twofer, as outposts in the West Village and on the Lower East Side will open at the same time. Since man cannot live on bread alone, the spot will also have a wide variety of German micro-brews on offer (many of which you can take home in a growler), along with dishes like soups, salads, soft pretzels and authentic German sausages. You can scope more info about the German bakeries here.


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