3/02/2012 02:10:00 PM

How To Make It: Our 30 Under 30 LA Honorees Offer Motivational Words

Want a career in the restaurant industry? Well get your pen and paper ready because up next, a few of our 30 Under 30 LA honorees share motivational words on snagging a gig in the culinary world (and keeping it). Also don't forget to vote for your favorite LA restaurants here to make your voice heard in our Los Angeles/So.Cal Restaurants Survey!

Tara Emerson: "There's really good days and then there's some days that really suck, but having that perseverance and being tenacious and being confident in what you do and what you offer kind of keeps that drive alive and lets you endure the long hours, and the criticism (when it comes) and the days when it's maybe not as nice. But the awesome days always make it worth it."

Christina Olufson: "As long as you have the passion and dedication for it, I mean it' s a lot of hard work but it's very rewarding too. Stick with it."

Jeff Mahin: "Put your head down and work hard, that's the best advice. Learn as much as you can."

Freddy Vargas: "Stay focused because there's gonna be a lot of obstacles that come your way and make you re-think your career, but just stay focused and make goals within a reasonable time so you know what you have to achieve and how to get there."

Giselle Wellman: "If you're passionate and you believe in yourself, just keep going, there's a lot of times when it's rough,  it's 12 hour-days (longer than that even) and you need to have that passion. It's not what you see on TV so make sure you're very passionate. And make sure you go work for the best."


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