3/20/2012 12:45:00 PM

Give Back With The UNICEF Tap Project, Happening Now

When you're out at a restaurant and the server comes over to pour you some water, it's easy to take the clean and abundantly available H2O for granted. Well, not everyone in the world has access to safe drinking water. Restaurants across the country have teamed up with UNICEF to help change that with UNICEF Tap Project. Through March 25, diners can donate $1 for every glass of tap water that they would usually drink for free while eating out. Hundreds of restaurants will participate in the fundraising drive, which goes a really long way toward helping those in need - for a single dollar, a child can have safe and clean water for 40 days. To see which Zagat-rated restaurants are taking part in the effort, you can check out this link, and you can learn more about the Tap Project here.


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