3/22/2012 02:35:00 PM

Former NY Times Restaurant Critic Frank Bruni Announces He Has Gout

Shocker alert: Former NY Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni has just announced via Diner's Journal that he has joined the ranks of food writers like Josh Ozersky in developing gout - a painful type of arthritis that causes joint inflammation. The culprit? Most likely overindulgence - ie, a diet heavy on meat and alcohol for years on end. Bruni writes a lengthy post explaining how his newly diagnosed condition has affected his life, concluding with: "There are times, crazily, when I’m almost happy about the gout, the flare-ups of which are subtle now that I’m medicated and reformed. It provided a dietary shove where the gentle pushes of a vague desire for self-improvement hadn’t sufficed...Why must it take something like that for so many of us to pivot in a healthier direction?" Read the whole post here.

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  1. This condition can be a very painful if it is not properly controlled. Interestingly, current research has definitely shown just how much various foods can affect the symptoms of gout. Unfortunately many of us could be headed down this same path of overindulgence which could lead to gout or other medical conditions. I'll be the first to admit that I probably enjoy a little too much alcohol and red meat. Luckily if you know what you are doing, there is a healthy gout diet which can keep patients from experience bad gout flare-ups.