3/19/2012 09:35:00 AM

Clyde Frazier-Themed Restaurant Opens in Midtown, Complete with Basketball Court

Decor from Clyde Frazier's Wine and Dine
It's hard to remember a restaurant themed so heavily around one person, but that didn't stop Clyde Frazier's Wine and Dine from basing pretty much it's entire decor around the former basketball star. If you have trouble finding the space on this barren strip of 10th Avenue, oh, just look for the giant pictures of Clyde Frazier that line the side of the building. Once you're inside the massive restaurant - which features a dining room full of white tablecloths - you'll notice a flowing sculpture on the ceiling that seems like a school of fish swimming over from the bar area. But, when you look more closely you'll realize that fish they ain't - they're actually representations of Frazier's suits, as the Knicks star is known for being a flamboyant dresser.

The room is decorated with more pictures of Frazier at various points of his career, and even the menus are adorned with snakeskin and leather patterns that look like they come from Frazier's colorful cowboy boots. The extensive menu (designed by consulting chef David Waltuck) tries to reach beyond the pub-grub that b-ball fans might expect, while chicken wings and burgers are certainly available, there are also dishes like a veal chop Milanese with lemon anchovy vinaigrette (for $38 - so hopefully you did well in your betting pool). If you have trouble deciding, certain dishes are marked with red stars - the menu notes that these are "Clyde's favorites." Food can be paired with drinks like the "Stumbling and Bumbling" - a mix of Patron, strawberries and basil.

The highlight of the space has to be the small basketball court that's off to the side in the lounge where guests can take aim with free throws on a regulation-sized hoop. It's great for a game of HORSE if there isn't a crowd - just be shore to loosen up first, either with some practice or with the "Loosey Goosey" cocktail. Though it's not marked as one of Clyde's favorites, with a name like that, do you really care?

The restaurant is located at 485 10th Avenue (212-842-1110).


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