3/06/2012 02:28:00 PM

Letter Grading Hearing Set For Tomorrow

The letter grades hanging near the door of New York restaurants may be a familiar sight these days, but they still elicit their fair share of controversy in the industry, with some restaurant owners saying that they are not uniformly enforced and have led to a major uptick in fines (according a recent Diner's Journal piece, the new system resulted in $10 million in new fines). Well, tomorrow is everyone's chance to speak up. Council Speaker Christine Quinn has put hearings on the docket to discuss oversight on the new grading system. The hearings are supported by the New York State Restaurant Association, a trade group.

Today, Mayor Bloomberg released the results of an 18-month study that points to the successes of the grading system, which include lower salmonella cases, improvements in restaurant sanitary practices and increased revenue for the industry.

Speak your mind on this one tomorrow at 1 PM at City Hall in Council Chambers.


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