3/29/2012 09:21:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Zucchini Soup at the Andaz Fifth Avenue

The Andaz Fifth Avenue is well-known by drinkers in this somewhat barren area of Midtown, as the bar in the basement is dark, swank and knows how to make a good cocktail. Well, those looking for a solid bite can also stop by The Shop, a casual restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel that is now turning out fare from chef Vincent Muraco, who recently took the helm in the kitchen. He is gearing up to add new dishes to the menu for spring, and he is particularly excited about his soups, which will be starting to pop up on the menu in the coming weeks.

Judging by a bowl of the zucchini and squash variety, there is something to be excited about. Earthy, light and delicious the dish was a solid way to celebrate the fresh produce that comes with Spring without reaching for the usual suspects (ramp backlash, anyone?). We also loved the crostini that was served on the side, generously topped with some roasted tomatoes and cheese (we could have devoured four of those). There's still a nip of chilliness in the air, but with every sip of this, we felt that much closer to those May flowers....


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