3/15/2012 12:44:00 PM

Bacon and Eggs Cocktail at Whiskey Blue, Wacky Shots at The Bedford

The bacon and eggs cocktail. Yes, please.
Wacky drink alert! We're loving the above picture of the "bacon and eggs" cocktail being served at New York's Whiskey Blue - nothing like getting a serving a protein in with your hooch. The cocktail (served "sunny side up" - har de har har), features whipped eggs mixed in with a shot of bourbon and some smoked bacon. The drink is part of the bar's new "comfort food cocktails" which also includes a liquid version of a blueberry scone and a drink dubbed the waffle and maple syrup. The food-like beverages are available for $16 a pop.

Brooklyn's The Bedford also rolled out some unique new drinks today. Some new shots, to be precise (just in time for St. Patrick's Day - woot!). These tiny libations are way different than what you'll find at other bars in the area - unless Hotel Delmano suddenly decides to do a drink called the Katy Perry with bubble gum vodka and a Pop Rocks rim. If that sounds a little too tween for you, there's also a new oyster shooter and one called the follow the leader, which is a shot of Fernet followed with a chaser of Brooklyn Lager. Get your drink at the lounge in the back of the restaurant.


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