3/14/2012 09:54:00 AM

85-Year-Old Critic Barstorms NYC, Reviews Hot Dog

Chez New York hot dog 
85-year-old restaurant critic Marilyn Hagerty became an online sensation when she reviewed an Olive Garden in her native Grand Forks (she Loved it - note the capital 'L'). The ensuing media circus brought the critic to NYC - she is appearing on talk shows and plans to eat at restaurants ranging from Le Bernardin, to the branch of the Olive Garden in Times Square (she reportedly wants to see if anything is different). Well, the Times grabbed her and took her to the hot dog cart outside of their office to review something she had never experienced in all of her travels - the NYC dirty water dog.

The resulting piece is quite hilarious - she is taken with the street food, saying: “I think the hot dog could be a little hotter, but I like this combination of mustard and onions.” The cart operator threw in some gratis sauerkraut once he realized she was a mini-celeb, and he explained the concept of halal food, to which Hagerty responded: "I’m Lutheran, so that wouldn’t apply to me.” Pete Wells - we know you were just installed as the New York restaurant critic - but you better watch it.

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