2/17/2012 03:14:00 PM

U-Sushi Brings Robotics to the Plate

What do you get when you mix an izakaya/robata restaurant owner (who happened to be a pro-baseball player in Tokyo), a former Nobu chef and an In-N-Out executive? This clever, new high-tech have-it-your-way quick service sushi slinger.

Clever Downtown quick-service sushi spot U-Sushi (the first NorCal branch of a Beverly Hills venture, from the owner of Ozumo) brings the power of robotics to the plate; customers  crowd into tiny storefront, customize their maki with a choice of fish, wrapper, sauce and other fixings, and then let it roll, courtesy of a sushi master automatron that even cuts into even pieces - and voilĂ  lunch is served; P.S. only open Monday-Friday.

525 Market St.; 415-543-7655


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