2/01/2012 04:54:00 PM

Super Bowl Smackdown: Which Team's Region Has Better Grub?

Image on left via Flickr/I Believe I Can Fry; Right image via Flickr/pointnshoot
With the Super Bowl coming up this Sunday and the contenders hailing from rival regions NY and New England, we got to thinking about the culinary rivalries between the two areas as well. Smackdown, anyone? While many New Englanders shudder at the thought of being faced with a bowl of tomatoey "Manhattan Clam Chowder," just as many New Yorkers will staunchly defend their folded plain slices over New England's white clam pies any day. Today we take a look at at the soups and pizzas of the two regions and ask for your opinion - which style is the best? Shout out your thoughts in the comments.

In this corner: New England Clam Chowder
This traditional milk/cream based soup made with potatoes, onions and clams has been a staple food of the region since the mid-1800s.

In the other corner: Manhattan Clam Chowder
This clear broth with clams, onions and tomatoes is a variant of the New England-style corner which emerged in the mid-20th century. Rumor has it that Portuguese immigrants in Rhode Island actually inspired the tomato-based soup whose name denotes allegiance to NYC.

Which region has the superior chowder style? Vote now in the comments!

In this corner: New Haven-style "apizza"
A single pizzeria is the culprit behind this variation on Neopolitan pie now eaten widely throughout parts of Connecticut and New England - Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana. The legend pizzeria began serving "plain" slices consisting of tomato sauce, oregano and grated pecorino, leaving the traditional topping of mozzarella off and considering it an extra topping. The white clam pie was also a regional invention of Frank Pepe's.

In the other corner: NY-style pizza slice, plain
In NYC, everyone knows a "plain" slice features a thin chewy crust, a light smattering of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. The origins of this slice date back to the early 1900s. But the real test? If you can't fold it, it ain't NY-style.

Which region has the best pizza? Vote now in the comments!


  1. New York pizza is so overrated it makes me sick. It's a typical case of NY getting all the attention for a bunch of garbage. New Haven style isn't good, but it's so much better than that junk sold in NY. Please someone point out one good spot for pizza in NY. No one can.

  2. There's no chowder comparison - new england is so much better. and chowder was invented in new england.

  3. OK, comparing Manhattan clam chowder and New England clam chowder is like the equivalent of comparing lunchables and No. 7 Sub or Eli Manning and Tom Brady: it's absolutely NO contest (Tom Brady, New England clam chowder).

  4. Anonymous...your ignorance is astounding!

    Go to 3 Luigi's or L&B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn. Or Grimaldi's. Or Totonno's. Go to Mama's Pizza on 106th Street & Amsterdam. Or Patsy's or the Original Ray's in the village.

    NYC is REAL pizza. Everything else is an imitation. Period!

    As for clam chowder, I think NE is better. As for the Super Bowl, the Pats are going to choke and lose just like they did in 2008!

  5. I have to go with the first commenter - New York is very overrated in terms of pizza options. LA, Boston and Philly have options just as good as New York. I've been to Grimaldi's and Totonno's and they are fine, but if you're talking about the reputation that New York has compared to what is actually delivered, there's a gap between. Even DiFara is disappointing for all the hype. I understand the hour and a half wait is supposed to be part of the DiFara experience, but I just don't understand why I'm supposed to enjoy that.

  6. Gotta go with inkedAG who seems to be the only sane commenter in this thread. It's ABSURD to suggest any city beside NEW YORK has the best pizza. PERIOD. Original Rays, Famous Rays - period.

  7. I've never in my life had a good bowl of manhattan clam chowder. that said, New York is so superior to every other culinary offering in Boston.