2/06/2012 01:52:00 PM

Southern Spots Gravy and Lowcountry Announce New Chefs

Oliver Gift, Lowcountry
Two Southern-influenced New York eateries have just announced major changes in their kitchens. Today, Flatiron District eatery Gravy announced that chef Reagan Angelle would take the helm at the space. Chef Angelle knows a thing or two about grub from down South, he grew up in New Orleans and has worked in the kitchen of Commander's Palace before coming to The Big Apple for stints at Cafe Luxembourg and The Palm. Diners can check out some his new cuisine on a special fixed-price menu that the restaurant will offer for Mardi Gras that will be available for $45 a person from February 17 to 21 (http://www.zagat.com/r/gravy-manhattan).

A little further downtown, southerner Lowcountry is also dealing with some changes in the kitchen. The restaurant has brought in a native of Nebraska to take charge in the kitchen. Although that isn't quite below the Mason Dixon line, chef Oliver Gift brings some impressive culinary pedigree with him. He's had stints in the kitchens of Commerce and Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Expect plenty of pork and regional seafood specialties from South Carolina on the new menu (212-255-2330).

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  1. Interesting. I'll have to give Low Country another shot. My first visit was a disappointing!