2/02/2012 04:30:00 PM

Open Call: Overrated NYC Food Icons?

Are street pretzels actually any good? 
Our post this week about New York's 9 Most Iconic Dishes got us thinking: what Big Apple food icons are totally overrated? For every bagel drool-worthy bagel at Russ & Daughters, there is a lackluster New York pretzel being served by a street vendor (sorry, they just aren't that good). What are some other foods or restaurants that get lots of attention but can't deliver? Does anyone actually like Restaurant Row? The vodka-spiked parties at the restaurants in Brighton Beach may be a blast, but is the food any good? Let us know your nominees for the most overrated icons in the comments.


  1. Every pizza place in NY is overrated.

  2. Agree ...Magnolia was so sweet I could get a cavity just looking at it!

  3. 2nd Ave Deli, totally overrated as well.

  4. Magnolia cupcakes. Just an "icon" because of SATC.

  5. Magnolia Bakery = Duncan Hines (but that would insult Mr. Hines).

    Heartland Brewery.

    Mary's Fish Camp lobster rolls - only Mr. Hellman would approve.

    Starbuck's Coffee (at any of their 12 million locations in the City)

    John's Pizza - please get the coals off my crust.

    Caliente Cab Company - you need a huge margarita to eat this stuff.