2/17/2012 02:24:00 PM

Open Call: Best of the Boroughs

Tanoreen in Bay Ridge 
This week was all about neighborhood gems - we rounded up some of the city's top off-the-radar establishments in an epic slideshow. These haunts may not get a lot of press, but plenty of locals know they're establishments worth visiting. Now, we're expanding the search.

While there were a few gems in Brooklyn, Manhattan was by far the most represented borough. But, the folks in Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island (and in Brooklyn aside from South Brooklyn and Williamsburg) surely must have some local faves as well. Know about an awesome eatery on City Island? Is there a must-try sleeper in Sheepshead Bay? We want to know about it - nominate your favorite non-Manhattan eateries in the comments, and stay tuned for a wrap-up of the best of the bunch on the blog.


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