2/23/2012 02:17:00 PM

Obsession of the Week: Fancy Water Jugs

Yeah, we're not really a fan of restaurants asking us "do you want bottled, sparkling or still?" - but we have noticed that when eateries do cart over the agua, they're doing so in fancier and fancier containers. The days of the stainless steel pitcher are long over. We noticed nice branded glass jugs like the one in the picture above, old-time glass pitchers that look straight out of the antiques store and (our favorite) re-purposed tequila bottles being used to pour H20 at high end NYC Mexican Empellon Cocina. Though we'd draw the line at having to ladle some water out of a communal trough (which we wouldn't be surprised to see at some of the old-timey eateries that have been popping up), we sure are thirsty for more interesting water presentations.


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