2/14/2012 01:46:00 PM

New York's 8 Cheesiest Dishes

Mac 'n' Cheese at The Darby
Mmmmmm, cheese. Ever since we stopped by the Mac 'n' Cheese Takedown a couple weeks ago, our brain has been one big pile of cheddar. Is there anything more comforting than a dish slathered in your favorite fromage? We didn't think so. So, we traveled around town to find the cheesiest dishes out there - while they may not do good things to your waistline, that doesn't really matter when you're biting into an oozy piece of  Gouda. Click through the slideshow below for your cheese fix, and let us know about your cheesy favorites in the comments.


  1. YUM. I want to try all three immediately!

  2. Can I just say, I was at the Mac n Cheese cook off and The Four Horsemen were robbed. :) I definitely think Eatery's mac and cheese should be on this somewhere, just saying.