2/14/2012 11:17:00 AM

M.T.A Chief (aka "Rat Czar") Opposes Subway Food Ban

Dinner party, anyone? 
Last week, a NY State legislator sparked some controversy when he floated the idea of a $250 fine for eating on the subway, which is technically allowed under the current law. The bill that he proposed would ban grub because it attracts too many rats - not because it's just plain gross to the other commuters. Well, it looks like that idea is DOA, because Joseph Lhota, the head of the M.T.A, has come out against any no-food rule. He thinks that banning crumbs would negatively impact children, check it out:
“I do not support the bill,” Mr. Lhota said. “It severely hurts and impacts minority communities. I don’t want to deny the kid the only time that day he’s going to get food.”

If there is anyone that's anti-rat in this town, it's Lhota, who used to be known as the "Rat Czar" during his tenure as deputy mayor in the Guiliani administration and he has even hosted a "Rat Summit" at Columbia University to inspire new ideas of managing the vermin. So, looks like everyone will have to deal with grub on the train for the time being.

Photo: Thomas Fano via Flickr


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