2/10/2012 02:16:00 PM

A Mini-Guide To Valentine's Day Dining At Chain Restaurants

Valentine's Day Meal at White Castle; Image via Flickr/Couche Tard
Not sure what to do for Valentine's Day? Not to worry, chain restaurants are offering a variety of Valentine's Day specials perfect for just about any relationship status. Check out each scenario below to find the experience that's right for you.

Scenario 1: Single, broke and despondent.

Celebrate at: Hooters 
Nothing soothes a damaged soul like boneless wings, cheap beer and cheery scantily-clad waitresses. Grab a friend and enjoy 20 boneless wings for 2 for only $9.99. Added bonus: You can get drunk on their $5 margaritas and bad-mouth your exes.

Scenario 2: You have won $20,000 on a scratch-off lottery ticket and you can finally afford to propose to your girlfriend (and pay your electric bill).

Celebrate at: Pizza Hut 
For the first time ever, Pizza Hut is offering a $10,010 "proposal package" that will help you pop the question with fireworks, a limo, a ruby ring, flowers, a videographer and of course, a $10 dinner box featuring pizza, breadsticks and cinnamon sticks.

Scenario 3: You're a hipster couple that loves irony.

Celebrate at: 
White Castle
Make your V-Day "hot and steamy" with the burgers at your nearby White Castle. For the sixth year in a row, the chain gets dressed up for the occasion with red tablecloths and plastic flowers, offering free dessert and a complimentary photo to all V-day diners. A favorite V-Day destination of broke/ironic lovers everywhere.

Scenario 4: You want to break up with your significant other immediately after Valentine's Day.

Celebrate at: Papa John's
If you want to say "I'm trying" without actually trying, hit up Papa John's and snag a $15 heart-shaped pizza - the deal includes one topping and a free Cinapple dessert. The heart-shaped pie will help you break the news to your soon-to-be ex that you'll both be spending Valentine's Day home in sweatpants.

Scenario 5: You live in the South and you love waffles.

Celebrate at: Waffle House
The beloved Southern chain will go reservation-only for the eve of the 14th, offering a tablecloth-clad/candlelit dinner service. Why dress up for V-Day? Enjoy a waffle dinner with your honey in this casual romantic environment. See the list of participating locations here.


  1. i could get down with waffle house

  2. I wonder how many people here have eaten at a restaurant up at Lake Tahoe, called Cabo Wabo's ? It's inside Harvey's casino. It's owned by a Rock star S. H. what a "junk-hole!" (I love White Castle too!! At least their waiters don't poisen you!) Up at Tahoe our waiter put some kind of 'poison' in our friends meatball soup! She suffered the same symptoms as a horse drug called 'Ketamine!' Within moments of eating her soup, she lost all ability to use her motor functions, or remember anything for hours! She was violently ill, causing her to barf within moments of eating the first meatball!! She began to have weird dreams, and no ability to control herself, including knowing where she was, or what was going on !! It was a nightmare! 3 bowels of the meatball soup were delivered to the table for three of 4 ladies. All three of them ate the soup, but only one gal was sickened violently! 4 gals in their early 50's can't even go out for an evening on the town / dinner without some creep putting junk / a substance / drug in her soup! DISGUSTING! Just as they were ordering their drinks the waiter was informed the gal who became ill, was the only person who would "Not be drinking alcohol, as she was the D.D." etc. Who other than the waiter had that direct information, and handles the food? Nobody. No wonder young woman and woman in general end up missing from bars and restaurants all across the nation! If any of you goes up to Tahoe be very careful where you eat. The waiter was about 6'3" - 6'4" tall with black hair, and was good looking and in his mid 20's to early 30's.
    Just wanted to warn all the ladies out there who may travel all over the country always looking for great eats! Cobo Wabo's inside Harvey's "ian't it!"

  3. OK, Waffle house is great too !!:>