2/16/2012 04:48:00 PM

Meatball Obsession Validates New Yorkers' Meatball Mania

First Meatball Shop, then Meatball Factory, and now Meatball Obsession. That's not just a description of the current state of mind among carnivores in NYC, it's the name of a new to-go window, opening March 28 on Sixth Avenue near 14th St. The meaty snack shack will serve three kinds of metaballs, made with pork, turkey or beef. You can scarf the meatballs from a cup, or rolled up in a pocket sandwich with bread from Hudson Bread bakery.

The new joint is from Daniel Mancini, who used to work in fashion until he left to promote his MamaMancini's Meatballs and Sunday Sauce - which is available in gourmet shops across the country. He's been pondering his grandmother's signature dish for a long time to the point of, well, obsession. In his words: “I’m very passionate about my grandmother’s meatballs. I left a 30-year career in fashion to follow this dream to bring my all-natural meatballs to people everywhere."


  1. Let me just say that Meatball Shop cookbook is truly amazing! Best Christmas present ever!!!!! Keep the meatballs coming...

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