2/27/2012 09:45:00 PM

Live Blog: LA's 30 Under 30 Launch Party!

And after a successful stint in San Francisco to honor that city's culinary up and comers, tonight we've flown into Los Angeles to throw a bash for the city's promising young industry folk who made our 30 Under 30 List. Yes, our arms are tired (wocka wocka)- but thankfully we're holed up at Playa, a Beverly Boulevard hot spot, they've got a few cocktails to help us relax. A lot of the young honorees will soon be in the house - stay tuned for some live blog action of the party, and congrats to the 30 young winners

6:50 PM: The par-tay starts in about 10 minutes, and we can tell we've picked the right spot. Numerous patrons have tried to walk into the restaurant, only to be told that there is a private party. Sorry peeps - but we've got some industry folks to get tipsy! Um, er, we mean award with accolades...

6:52: And the first honoree has arrived - chef Greg Hozinsky from the Strand House Hotel! The Oscars were last night, and all those best dressed lists came out today. Judging by the this chef and some other recent arrivals, the red carpet has nothing on our shindig. Paging Joan and Melissa!

7:00 PM: The signature design element of the restaurant has got to be the chandeliers floating above the dining room which are, well, fuzzy. Here a a list of things they remind us of:

  • Upside down dandelions, ready to carried away like wee little parachutes
  • Old-school makeup powder puffs - like the kind used by a jealous ingenue
  • A neatly trimmed goats beard (that's one fancy goat!)
  • Sea urchins. Yummy, yummy sea urchins...
Stay tuned for more chandelier Rorschach tests throughout the night

7:12 PM: Alert! Alert! You can watch live interviews of the chefs on our Google Plus page here!

7:17: And the bar is hopping. Ladies and gentlemen, we like to jest, but everyone is really impossibly gorgeous here. Maybe it's true what they say about the California sun? In any case, Woody Allen had it wrong about LA (maybe he didn't try the cocktails).

7:25 PM: Zairah Molina, one of our 30 under 30 honorees, says that the chandeliers remind her of pipe cleaners (ok, we admit that she said sea urchins fist, but that was one of ours - no stealing!).

7:32 PM: It's official - the house is packed! We just caught up with honorees Angela Ng and Drew Berry, who are about to take part in our Google Plus hangout (and, why aren't you watching)? For the record - she said "chrysanthemums" and he said "mollusks" - about the chandeliers - not about what they want for dinner. Ewww..

7:40 PM: Soundttrack so far. Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, Phoenix - the DJ must have put on his "bands with good hair" playlist.

7:51 PM: Controversy alert! The woman in the picture above would like everyone to know that she is NOT honoree Bernhard Mariniger - even though she is wearing his nametag. He is actually at the opening night of his restaurant (BierBeisl), so he sadly couldn't attend. To clear up any confusion, his rep said: "I'm not 6 foot 7 and Austrian." Another patron disagreed, chiming in "No, he's 6 foot 8!!"

8:01 PM: Another nomination for the best dressed of the nominees has to go to Jeff Mahin - who is looking pretty dapper in his grey suit. But, we're not sure that anyone would want to actually win best dressed - apparently if you look good in this town some crazy guy pours ashes all over you. What is that all about?

8:16 PM: And Tim Zagat takes the mike and confirms what we suspected about this city: "The Girls are prettier here, and the men are handsomer. On top of that, for someone who comes from New York, we'er all pasty this year, and you're all tan and healthy. Congratulations for living in LA." Cheers come from the audience!!!

8:22 PM: And Tim Zagat takes the mike and confirms what we suspected about this city: "The Girls are prettier here, and the men are handsomer. On top of that, for someone who comes from New York, we're all pasty this year, and you're all tan and healthy. Congratulations for living in LA."

8:24: Another Tim quote: "In New York, no one is even allowed in the kitchen if you are under 30! Here, all the top talent is under 30!"

8:28 PM: That was good Tim, but the quote of the night goes to Kyle Ackley, an honoree from Lexington Social House. We asked him what he sees in the chandeliers: "Madonna puffy bras! No, wait, Madonna does the pointy bras. I guess that's more of a burlesque dancer bra.. Um, ok, actually, whatever I see, I see boobs...." Hey kids, we weren't gonna go there, but can you blame him?

8:32 PM: You know it's a good party when you see everyone behind the bar subversively slamming a shot of whiskey with 30 minutes to go. Yeah, we saw you, bartenders. No judgement.

8:41 PM: 20 minutes left -but it's still a packed house. See everyone as they drink and linger under the suspended sea urchins/dandelions/powder puffs/goat beards/you know what else.... (any respectable live blog would only use the "B" word once, FYI...)

8:49 PM: And what live blog would be complete without a little photo of your humble live blogger? We're feeling a little Hollywood today due to our location - how could you blame us? Check us out to the right - we dressed up for this evening, as you can probably tell...

8:58 PM: All right kids - thanks for reading. Its time to end the party. Ok, actually that's a lie (like a certain faker above), it's time to join the party, as no one seems like they are thinking about leaving for even a second. It's time to get up from our live blogger station and muscle them out (aka go to the bar and be like "it's so funny that no one is leaving, drink please!" ). Until next time on the live blog. Tootles! Live Blogger, MD - signing off...

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  1. Looks and sounds like everyone had a great time! Congrats to all those to make the list this year! What an honor!