2/24/2012 04:45:00 PM

Inside LA's New 3rd Street Station

With the opening of the gastropublike 3rd Street Station, Third Street just east of the Beverly Center continues its growth as a dining destination for the hungry and the hip. It shares the block with Allora, Izaka-ya by Katsu-ya, Wokcano, Berri's and Sushi Roku. And aside from bringing in diners on their way to a movie at the Beverly Center cineplex, the Station also adds one more late-night option for those who like to do their eating at midnight or later.

The Station is pouring beer and serving duck fat fries with a malt vinegar aioli seven days a week. And it was duck fat fries that everyone, but everyone, seemed to be eating on a recent visit. Late at night, the menu slims down to club-friendly dishes like a Gruyère, brie and goat cheese grilled cheese sandwich (with a short rib addition available for those in the need of a hit of protein). There's also a pork belly panini, risotto croquettes (made with chorizo, manchego and saffron), grilled pizza topped with wild mushrooms and the inevitable house burger

When we stopped by, the space - a homey room with oversized clocks on the wall, a quartet of booths with seats with slatted backs and a trio of oversized TVs hanging over the bar - was filled with locals dressed down in jeans with shirts untucked (aka the Entourage look).

There are a dozen beer taps, from which the beer is poured into matching glasses - order the Paulaner Hefeweizen and you get it in a deep V-shaped glass. We asked the bartendress if they carried any beer in bottles. She rummaged through the bar fridge, and came up with a bottle of Allagash Curieux, the only bottled beer in the house. "You're the first person to ask for beer in a bottle," she said.

8486 W. Third St.; 323-782-8486

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  1. There are no movie theaters at Beverly Center