2/24/2012 05:12:00 PM

How To Make It: SF's 30-Under-30 Honorees Give Their Advice

So, what's the secret to making it in the restaurant industry? We asked some of the honorees on our first-ever 30-Under-30 list in San Francisco and they had some advice that can apply to both the food industry and the world at large (it's all just one big kitchen - right?). Take a look below at some choice thoughts from leaders in the City's restaurant scene. Yeah, these folks are all under 30, but they are wise beyond their years.

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Randy Lutz: "Don't be intimidated, whatever you want go after it. Don't settle for a job that you don't think will be the best."

Nicole Erny on making it in the beer industry: "Make a real experience out of your beer drinking. Don't just drink it and forget it, make note of it, understand beer styles and why they exist - a lot of people blow them off and say they're meaningless and unnecessary restrictive. It's more of an interesting common language that serious beer drinkers and can use to move forward."

Francis Ang: "Be prepared to work a lot of hours, and not get paid a lot. Work your ass off and put your head down and cook."

Eric Railsback: "The best advice is to find someone that knows what they're doing and work under them. It's hard to learn from a book, it's all about the experience."

Lena Kwak: "Be fearless, that's my motto as well as chef Keller's. If you couldn't fail at something, what wouldn't you try? You only have one live to live, act fearlessly."


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