2/07/2012 03:57:00 PM

Chef Grant Achatz Reportedly Coming To NYC

Cocktails at Aviary
Food fans, get ready to FREAK. Today, Grub Street reports that Chicago's favorite culinary son is sniffing around New York City for a location of his cocktail concept Aviary. While he would have trouble reproducing his grub in far off cities, Achatz points to the consistency of alcohol labels, stating "The thing with making drinks is that they are consistent around the world. If you buy Beefeater gin in Des Moines, for example, it’s going to be the same Beefeater you buy in Singapore. That consistency of product is huge."
Word has it that Achatz has looked at locations in the Flatiron District, but it may be a while before anything opens, and Achatz is reportedly scoping other cities like Vegas and Miami for possible locations. New York already has a lot of innovation going on in the drink making department, so we're not sure that the bar would create quite the splash that it did in Chicago, but we're still pretty excited.

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