2/29/2012 12:00:00 PM

Grab and Go: Balducci's Opening Next Week, 'wichcraft At the NYPL

Sandwich from 'wichcraft
A few items for the grab-and-go set: Balducci's is set to return to Manhattan next week near Columbus Circle with the launch of its new "Gourmet on the Go" concept. Opening March 7 in the Hearst Building, this will be kind of a grocery/food park hybrid. There will be an espresso bar, a gelato counter, a crepe station as well as plenty of packaged gourmet goods to pick up. Expect this to be a popular lunchtime destination in the 'hood, which is a little bereft of options these days, especially for those who don't want to wait in the epic lines at Whole Foods underneath the Time Warner Center.

Over in sandwich land, 'wichcraft is set to expand with two new kiosks inside the New York Public Library. It's a little weird to imagine chowing down on sandwiches while in the halls of the Beaux-Arts building, but the partnership was launched after patrons expressed a desire for snacks while they are browsing the halls. According to Diner's Journal, the new sandwich stands will be open on Thursday. Just remember, while having your snack - shhhhhh....


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