2/22/2012 02:09:00 PM

Exclusive or Not? Testing 7 New York Hot-Spots

Is Crown all it's cracked up to be? 
Getting the seats filled in a restaurant (especially a spankin' new one) is all about building the buzz, and the busier the joint seems, the more people are jonesing to go. Last year, we took a look at some hot spots around town to see if they were actually exclusive or if it was all just hype. Well, it's time to run the test on a new crop of openings (and an old favorite or two). Click through the slideshow below to see if the buzzy eateries are tough to get into or just faking it.


  1. I met a friend for dinner at Catch - it was one of the best sea food meals I have ever had; the king crab was so fresh, not salty, just perfect; the wine was great, service was young and eager. We did dine early (both of us work long hours), and we didn't look for celebrities (I frankly don't care), just good food, comfortable atmosphere where we can talk and enjoy each other.

  2. RedFarm is so hyped! I get that it's the hottest thing, but the reviews from diners are so mixed. So, I doubt it will stay exclusive for long. Neat article by the way.