2/27/2012 03:04:00 PM

Drew Barrymore Gets Into the Wine Business; Sonic Launches Sweet Potato Tots

Image via Just Luxe/Wilson Daniels
Yep, Drew Barrymore is the latest celeb to start her own wine label. Her first varietal: Barrymore Pinot Grigio, natch. Get all the pertinent deets here. [Just Luxe via HL/Daily Meal]

Remember how Pinkberry co-founder Young Lee was accused of beating a homeless man? Well, looks like he's been officially arraigned for the crime. Yikes. [Daily Beast via Consumerist]

And, because "everyone is talking about sweet potatoes as a trend but few are putting unique offerings on their menus," Sonic will start offering sweet potato tater tots for a limited time. [PR Newswire]


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