2/28/2012 02:16:00 PM

Dishoom Gets Colourful for Holi, Namaaste Kitchen Celebrates Goa

Indian cuisine is booming in the capital, and March is looking like a particularly bright jewel in the crown - literally. March 8 is Holi, the Indian festival of colour, the day everything is traditionally pelted with coloured powder. To celebrate, from today until March 11, Dishoom will be offering a range of festive drinks including a DIY lassi, inspired by the festival's colours. The traditional yoghurt drink will come served with generous helpings of powders in flavours like banana, vanilla and cinnamon for you to add and mix yourself.

Meanwhile at Camden's Namaaste Kitchen, the month of March is all about the region of Goa (February was Hyderabad, April will be Lucknow and May will be Mumbai) with specialities from the region featuring heavily on the menu.

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  1. Can't wait for 8th March, 2012 for the celebrations. Unfortunately can't be in London for Dishoom's festive drinks.