2/13/2012 04:39:00 PM

Dans Le Noir Finally Opens, Fonda Coming Next Week

Fonda Park Slope
Who's ready to dine in the dark?! French transplant Dans Le Noir is opening tonight after some fits and starts late last year. The eatery promises to lead diners into a pitch-black room, where they will be waited upon by a blind service staff. Tasting menus will be served, and the eaters will have to guess what is being put in front of them. Yeah, it's kind of a kooky concept, but we've been practicing using our fork with our eyes closed. You can get more info and make reservations here.

If you're looking for something a little less kitschy, the owners of Park Slope Mexican joint Fonda are set to debut in the East Village next week. The new haunt will feature many of the same dishes that made the original so popular, bu there will be a wider selection of spirits and some bar snacks. Diner's Journal confirms that they are set to open on February 22 at 40 Avenue B (212-677-4069).

UPDATE: Dans Le Noir was delayed yet again and will open on February 20. 


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