2/09/2012 05:03:00 PM

Max Brenner Loses Its Bald Man

Max Brenner may be looking to expand, but it seems it'll do so without Oded Brenner, one of the two original founders. We've heard from trusted sources that he's left the company, which means the name - originally a mash up of partners Max Fichtman and Brenner - is now even more confusing. A new revamped website stresses its online shop, and features a quote from the quasi-fictional founder on its "About Us" page. Got that? Max Brenner isn't real, but apparently he still manages to pontificate on how chocolate is a symbol in our lives of sensuality (...okay, sure).

As for what's next for Brenner, he's still with his Upper East Side bakery Little Brown, which will be opening its second location in Chelsea mid-March. Dessert mastermind Pichet Ong (Coppelia, La Esquina, Qi) is consulting, creating offerings such as apricot cake with pistachio, blueberry white chocolate muffins and more.

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