2/28/2012 10:19:00 AM

Brooklyn Bowl Launches Brunch, Whole Foods May Soon Come to the Borough

By James Mulcahy
Although it seems like Whole Foods was born and raised in Brooklyn, the grocery store doesn't actually have an outpost in the borough. It's not that residents of the area don't love their fresh veggies and organic meats - it's that the chain has faced epic roadblocks for years after they purchased a lot for an outpost of the grocery in Gowanus. The NY Times has a look at the eight-year-old struggle to bring a location to the neighborhood - they've faced toxic waste, surely neighbors screaming about gentrification, arcane zoning regulations and a slew of other problems. But, it looks like the last hurdle is about to be cleared and construction will commence soon.

Not as controversial but still as tasty, Brooklyn Bowl just rolled out a new weekend brunch menu - the hearty new dishes are from Blue Ribbon and feature items like a cinnamon toast pizza and "hangover chicken soup" with jalapeno, cilantro and lime. You know what else is good for a hangover? Bowling a few frames after chowing down on brunch (718-963-3369).


  1. cinnamon toast pizza sounds reallyyyyy goood. love brooklyn bowl, it'll be fun to go there for brunch

  2. Hangover chicken soup! That is amazing. I hope they add a Bloody Mary menu to go with it...