2/29/2012 11:06:00 AM

Brilliant or Crazy: Shots From the "Bone Luge"

There's a trend popping up at high-end bars and restaurants that combines meat and booze consumption in a way that some would call "unsettling" and others would slurp right up. Dubbed "the bone luge" - this totally unique way to take a shot is basically the carnivore's version of the ice luge. A drinker orders some bone marrow, cleans out out the bone, holds it up to their mouth, and gets a shot of some sort of liquor poured down the "luge." Classy.

Cocktail-centric New York bar, JBird, just launched their version, which features roasted bone marrow with sweet and sour cippolini and mushrooms. The staff comes over (post-marrow consumption) and pours a shot of house-infused tequila down the shoot. The experience can be had for the bargain price of $11. This whole thing begs the question: why? Well, according to the press material sent out by JBird, it's "because ice luges are so 2011." What do you think - it this a brilliant new way to down some hooch, or is it a crazy drinking trend gone too far? Let us know in the comments.