2/22/2012 10:41:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Park Tavern's Lobster Bisque

This week, we're in San Francisco for the launch of that city's 30-Under-30 list. Of course, we had to use the shindig as an excuse to try all the dining that the town has to offer. In a city known for its seafood (so far, we've seen oysters pretty much, um, everywhere), it's hard to pick favorites, especially with a dish so standard as lobster bisque. When we stopped into Park Tavern on a blustery evening, we were just looking for a little comfort and warmth in a bowl of their bisque. Instead, we quickly understood why the eatery was shortlisted by the James Beard Foudation in the "Best New Restaurants" category.

The soup wasn't as creamy as man of the other lobster soups we encountered. Silky smooth and full of generous chunks of the crusteacean, it was, to put it simply, mind blowing, somehow managing to step right up to the line of being too salty without going over it - another dash would have destroyed the balance. A large stick of bread rested on top of the plate - good thing, because there was no way that we were letting a single dollop of this stuff go to waste. Looking around the restaurant, we noticed gigantic bowls of bisque on many tables, so the word is clearly out.

They say that a good dish make you sing, but we were silent as we slurped it up. Well, we did say one thing to our dining companion: "We're sorry, we just can't concentrate on anything other than how good this soup is."


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