2/06/2012 11:37:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Ed's Pickles at Ed's Lobster Bar Annex

While dining at Ed's Lobster Bar Annex down on Clinton Street recently, we were bowled over by a very unassuming side dish of Ed's Pickles. Executive chef Ed McFarland makes these relatively quick two-day pickles by slicing Kirby cucumbers thinly on a mandolin then brining them overnight in water, salt and sugar. From there, they get soaked in a pickling mix of red wine vinegar, garlic, celery seed, allspice, mustard seeds and freshly chopped habanero chili. The result is a sweet, crunchy and spicy bite that serves as a perfect accoutrement to our lobster roll and fries. Yum. So good we think even Snooki would approve.

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  1. Ed's Lobster Bar Annex rocks. Lobster meatball sliders are awesome.